Chris Semmel
Mountain Guide

Chris Semmel, AKA “der Semmelchris”

That’s the way Bavarians name someone who’s name is Christian Semmel

Chris worked for the DAV Safety-Research after finishing his studies in sports, mountaineering and becoming a mountain guide. There he was involved in norming processes for mountaineering equipment, analyses of mountaineering accidents, searching for new belaying technics and educating climbers and mountaineers.

After 20 years there he switched over to the German mountain guide association (VDBS), organizing the guide courses.

Chris works for courts as an expert for mountaineering and avalanche accidents, he wrote some books about mountaineering and avalanche training and is a trainer for mountain guides.

Being in the mountains he often can’t decide what is the best. Is it ski touring, freeriding, telemarking, going on expeditions or ice and rock-climbing. Until now he’s trying to get it all done. But besides he found kite-surfing very exciting too, so he spends some time flying over the water…

Chris is living at the Austrian-German border near Lake Tegernsee together with his wife and two daughters.

Random Facts

ski mountaineering
King Pin
The Alps
Skiing, Climbing, Mountaineering, Kite-Surfing
Live and have Fun


Inner Interview


What binding do you use?
King Pin

Why do you like this binding?
It must be light, not ultra light, but light. And it must be strong.

How did you become involved in ski touring?
It’s my job and my profession as a mountain guide and instructor for avalanche management

What is your all time favorite ski tour?
“Unnütz” north face/Austria, about 20 Min. from my house

Plans for the future?
Ski, surf & smile