Pep Fujas
International Freeski - Film
[United States]
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Random Facts

Jester Pro
Top results: 
2nd 2003 X-Games Slopestyle, Top 5 in Powder
Reader Poll for 5 years and many other awards including Best Segment, Breakthrough Performer and Best Trick accolades.
United States
Ashland, Or
MTB, Surfing, Road Bike, Reading, Writing, Rock Climbing, Dirt Biking, Hiking
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Inner Interview


What bindings do you use? 

The Jester Pro and Duke

Why do you like this binding?

I really like the Jester Pro because of it’s wide platform that allows you to initiate your turn earlier then most bindings, it’s also highly durable and has a metal bar that allows you to kick off ice and snow easily without damaging the binding. 

I like the duke because it is easy to use in the backcountry and I have full confidence in charging any line after I’ve skinned to the top of a peak, which I can’t say I’ve experienced with any other backcountry binder. 

Where do you mount them? 

Core Center

What DIN do you have your bindings on? 

I usually ride on 15 or 16.


Height:  5’ 9”

Favorite skier: Sean Petit

Ski hero growing up: Glen Plake

Ideal day in the mountains: A foot of well bonded fresh in anywhere, preferably Alaska with good friends and endless Heli budget!

How would you describe your style:  Fluid, aggressive and simple.

Your biggest breakthrough in your skiing career. Claiming 2nd place at the x-games and following up that season with a standout ski segement that has stood the test of time.

Favorite place to ride:  Mammoth Mountain

Best snow trip: Krippenstein, Austria, 2009

What age did you start to ski: Around 2 or 3

Home mountain:  Mt. Ashland, Oregon

What cant you live without: The Mountains

Favorite phone App. Words with Friends

Goals and plans:  My goals are to keep traveling the world skiing and pushing myself in the backcounty while creating something intriguing for people to watch, learn from and enjoy.  Life is about sharing your experience with others so why not try to inspire them to explore and push themselves.  My plans for next year include traveling to Japan and Russia, BC and Alaska in search of deep snow, pillows, spines, cliffs and anything else to huck my carcass off of.

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