Nat Segal
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Nat Segal

Natalie Segal

Born and bred as a skier in Australia’s Victorian Alps, since the ripe old age of 2 Nat has pursued downhill, moguls, freestyle and freeride skiing. She has competed, coached and traveled as a ski bum.  Following a two year stint at university after quitting moguls in 2007, she returned to skiing in 2010 to compete in the Freeride and Freeskiing World Tours.

Although she travels the world extensively as a top competitor in freeride events, her ambition with skiing doesn’t end there. She actively participates in various film projects, including a recent ski and sail boat trip to Greenland, Shifting Ice and Changing Tides, that her team spearheaded and for which she subsequently received a National Geographic Young Explorer’s Award


Random Facts

Tour F12 EPF
Top results: 
2014 2nd Roldal Freeride Challenge, FWQ 4*, Roldal, NOR
2014 1st Subaru Freeride Series FWQ 4*, Telluride, USA
2013 3rd Revelstoke Freeride World Tour , Revelstoke, CAN
2012 1st Whakapapa Xtremes FWQ 3*, Whakapapa, NZ
2012 2nd NZ Freeski Open FWQ 3*, The Remarkables, NZ
2012 1st World Heli Challenge, Wanaka, New Zealand
2012 3rd Freeskiing World Tour Championships, Kirkwood, US
2012 1st Freeskiing World Tour Qualifiers, Moonlight Basin, US
Cooking, running, bike riding around town, rock climbing, surfing, swimming
No Standing Only Dancing


Inner Interview

What about bindings? What bindings do you use?  And where do you mount them?

I use the Marker F12 on my touring set up, I mount them 2cm + boot centre, I use the Jester on my other skis and mount them around 2-3cm + boot centre.

What DIN do you have your bindings on?



Favorite skier:  I have always been inspired by girls who push their boundaries and have fun doing it but I think Candide has to be my favourite skier.

Ski hero growing up: There was no one in particular but I drew a lot of inspiration from following my sister.

Home mountain: TREBLE CONE, NZ

Height: 160cm

Ideal day in the mountains:  Pow, steep lines followed by pillows, hikes, adventures, friends and a really good apres bar.

How would you describe your style: My mum always told me that I had pretty turns, others have said that I look like a flying nuggest skiing down a line. I like to think my style is charging yet playful.

Your biggest breakthrough in your skiing career.

Finding myself in Chamonix 20 years old. I stayed for 6 months, learned about big mountains and decided I wanted to ski them for the rest of my life.

Favorite place to ride: I don't have one, I love to ski in new places or old ones with good snow and a fun group of friends.

Best snow trip: Shifting Ice and Changing Tides- a three week ski/sail expedition, which I was a part of in April 2014. The expedition was incredibly challenging and rewarding. We sailed from Iceland to Greenland and skied some amazing lines from the sail boat. It was a once in a lifetime experience.

What age did you start to ski: 2 years old

What cant you live without: Family, friends, big hugs, music and good food.

Favorite phone App.: Google Maps- I am forever lost without it.

Goals and plans:

I want to be the best skier on the mountain. Hahaha. I want to ski for the rest of my life, always challenging myself. My goals are to re-qualify for the Freeride World Tour, ski the seven continents of the world and one day I would like to ride a bad ass line in Alaska while being filmed by a helicopter.