Kelly Sildaru
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Kelly Sildaru

I am a girl from Estonia. I come from common family, only difference is that I do something that other girls in my age don`t, something that is not common in our country at all-freestyle skiing. Still I have friends, many from mountains and I´m very happy about that. Past years I have been travelling a lot, and it is even growing, but I like that. Since I was little girl I have liked to travel. I was never homesick, as I got back home I already wanted to go somewhere or I already had arrange to go , I still do. While I`m not abroad I have pleasant time with my parents and grandparents and little brother. Recently I joined basketball training and like that too. I´m not tough, more like girly. I´m very careing, I like pets, especially dogs and I like to hug.

Random Facts

M 7.0 Free
Top results: 
1st place Finnish Newschool Open
Swimming, cycling, skating


Inner Interview


What bindings do you use? 
M 7.0 Free

Why do you like this binding?
These are very light

Where do you mount them?

What DIN do you have your bindings on?


Height:about 140cm

Favorite skier:Virginie Faivre, Kaya Turski

Ideal day in the mountains:If the sun is out, then it is already perfect.

How would you describe your style: I don`t have much of style yet, I`m bit stiff.

Your biggest breakthrough in your skiing career. Don`t know if we can call it career, I`m on my way there, but till now I would say it`s getting into the factory teams.

Favorite place to ride: Kläppen Sweden and Alpes

Best snow trip: All have been good.

What age did you start to ski: About 2 years old

Home mountain: Nõmme Lumepark

What cant you live without: My daddy, parents and rest of the family

Goals and plans:Maybe representing my country in Olympics. Don`t have much goals and plans, taking it step by step, day by day, year by year.

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