Elisabeth Gram
Halfpipe Team
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Elisabeth Gram

I am 17 years old and I have been freeskiing since 2007. In our family skiing is and has always been our passion and so my father taught me how to ski when I was 2 years old.

Skiing is not only a sport for me, it has been a therapy for my silblings and I after my mothers death in 2007. When we were on the mountain we were lucky and we could forget the hard times.

My two brothers always coached me and they are still the best coaches I could ever have.

Finally I started halfpipe skiing a half year before the Youth Olympics and after my gold medal it was clear that I will focus on halfpipe and only compete in this discipline. Of course I also love shredding backcountry and park.

Next year I´m going to graduate and the school of arts and building where I focused on civil engineering and I hope that I can fix skiing and school.

I am looking forward to have a great season, a lot of powderays and good times with my family and friends.


Random Facts

Top results: 
Gold medal at the Youth Olympic Games, Discipline Halfpipe, 2012
Skiing, Climbing, Hiking, Volleyball
Drop cliffs not bombs!


Inner Interview


What bindings do you use? And where do you mount them?
The jester is the optimal binding for me and I always mount them in the middle on my skis!

Great design - perfect performance - just awesome

What DIN do you have your bindings on?
Between 8 and 10



Home mountain: Venet

Height: 1,65cm

Favorite skier: Tom Wallisch

Ski hero growing up: Tanner Hall

Ideal day in the mountains: bluebird, fun, friends, great park and pipe

Your biggest breakthrough in your skiing career: Youth Olympics 2012

Favorite place to ride: It does'nt matter where I ski I just want to have my family and friends with me.

Best snow trip: New Zealand

What age did you start to ski: in the age of 2

What cant you live without: my family

Favorite phone App: Instagram

Goals and plans: Never lose the fun and have lots of good days on the mountain.