Christine Hargin
Freeride World Tour
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Christine Hargin

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. At the age 14 I moved to the ski resort Åre up north in Sweden for starting the alpine ski academy. Those four/five years was amazing years. I developed as a skier and learned about life and was travelling around the world try to be the best alpine racer in the world. After a while at the age 24 I stopped racing and started to search for the powder.

Somehow I started competing in Freeride. After a few years I started to do good results and there I am now, competing in the Freeride World Tour. Try to develop and become a better and more complete skier.

I travel all around the world and I ski as much as I can.


Random Facts

Jester, Duke
Top results: 
1st Revelstoke FWT 2013, 1st Chamonix FWT 2013
1st Xtreme Verbier FWT 2012, 1st Røldal FWT 2012
Winning the overall FWT 2012
Free Radicals “The Sunny Side” 2011
Skate, surf, photo
Dedicate work.


Inner Interview


What bindings do you use?
Jester, Duke.

Why do you like this binding?
Strong bindings witch I can trust and they´re easy to handle.

Where do you mount them?
Freeride stance, 2cm behind core center.

What DIN do you have your bindings on?
Normally on 11 but at the contests 13.



Height: 168

Favorite skier: Inspires me is skiers that try to develop and having a creative style.

Ski hero growing up: Pernilla Wiberg since I grove up as a race skier.

Ideal day in the mountains: Fresh snow, riding with funny and good friends.

How would you describe your style: Solid and powerful.

Your biggest breakthrough in your skiing career: Winning the Final in Verbier and the overall FWT 2012.

Favorite place to ride: Verbier.

Best snow trip: Lots of snow trips that been amazing can’t really decide one. Every time I visit Verbier, Switzerland and I’m looking forward to tour/ski in Norway this spring.

What age did you start to ski: 3

Home mountain: Ramundberget

What cant you live without: Sports / Adam / computer / phone / coffee.

Favorite phone App. Spotify and Instagram Follow - Krikkan_

Goals and plans: Develop and become a better and more complete skier. Enjoy life and see some new places in the world.

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