Thomas Hafenmair
Mountain Guide
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Thomas Hafenmair

I have been skiing for 38 years. Today I work 140 days a year in the snow. Most of the time I am working as mountain guide for freeriding and doing ski tours. However I also work as an adviser for the avalanche service and am involved in testing and developing the völkl touring skis, along with the marker touring bindings.

Snow inspires me and the silence in the mountains gives me power to be fit for the job as mountain guide. There is a very interesting part of my guiding, it is the avalanche training for the german ski instructors. They are very interested, so I devote alot of my time to teaching them.

Skiing Engadin, Andermatt, Disentis, Gressoney … all these destinations are so beautiful, but it is much more important that the clients are happy and at the end of the last run it is always good to have a beer ready.

At my work place in the high mountains as mountain guide and alpine rescue member I need the best skis and the most useful binding, for working safe, solid and relaxed. So I prefer the high quality by völkl and marker.


Random Facts

Tour F12
Grooming and making snow. Running in the mountains
Finishing a beautiful mountain day needs always a beer and my tobacco pipe.


Inner Interview


What binding do you use?
Marker Tour F 12

Why do you like this binding?
It’s a functionally binding with low weight and great performance for skiing. There isn’t any binding which is so safe and powerful than the F12.

How did you become involved in ski touring?
30 years ago my father shows me what it means to climb a mountain with skis on your own …

What is your all time favorite ski tour?
The favorite tour is top secret, because the most time I’m alone on this tour. So it’s a place to get free, find silence and get my own rhythm.

Plans for the future:
Skiing around the world in one year.

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