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Stefan Häusl

Stefan Häusl was born in Salzburg , Austria, and grew up in Saalfelden. For the last few years he has been living in Strengen am Arlberg in Tirol.
Stefan started skiing at the age of three and became a skiracer. When he was 16 he stopped racing again and at the age of 18 he started his ski instructor and ski guiding exams. This education was finished at the age of 21. After that he started straight away as an examiner for the top level ski instructors in Austria. He moved to the Arlberg region and worked for the Ski Akademie St. Christoph.

His passion for off piste skiing grew day to day. In 1999 he won the Powder 8 World Championships held in Canada. In 2000 he was 3rd in that competition.
He followed his passion and wanted to get more Xtreme in his skiing. As the freeriding scene in Europe started to grow, he saw his chance in there. He started with competitions and learned how to drop cliffs and ski big lines.
With hard training he reached the goal to become one of the best competition freeride skiers in the world.

Several wins in freeride competitions followed and in 2011 he won the first freeride world tour stop in Austria. His goal is to become freeride world champion.
Stefan is a professional freeride skier since 2005 and works very closley with his sponsors. He is not just skiing their products, he is also involved in the R&D of there products. He lives in a beautiful house in the middle of the nature with his wife Geli and their daughter Jana. He is a very motivated skier with lots of passion.

He absolutely loves skiing in all it’s ways!



Random Facts

Steve House
Big Mountain
Top results: 
4th FWT Courmayeur 2014
4th FWT Courmayeur 2012

5th FWT Fieberbrunn 2012

1st FWT Fieberbrunn 2011

3rd FWT Sochi 2011

4th FWT Overall 2011

1st FWQ Tour Overall 2010

1st Engadin Snow Big Mountain 2008

6th FWT Fieberbrunn 2014
10th Overall standings FWT 2014
St. Anton am Arlberg
Biking, Road Biking, Climbing, Mountaineering
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Inner Interview


What bindings to you use?
Jester 16, Duke 16

Why do you like this binding?
They feel so safe after the step in. I feel like I can stick uphill ice (as Shane McConkey used to say). If I spin a trick I can feel that the front part of the binding is pretty light. Feels easy!
The Dukes are feeling pretty much the same. That is the crazy effect in that binding. The Duke feels almost like a normal binding! But you can hike with it!

Where do you mount your bindings?
I mount them on the classic riding position on my Nordica skies!

What DIN do you have your bindings on?
14 on a scale of 16! Feels good!



Ski hero growing up: Alberto Tomba and Shane McConkey

Home mountain: St Anton am Alberg

Height: 170 cm

Ideal day in the mountains: snowstorm, trees, deep powder and just two friends! Not more!

How would you describe your style: Hmmmm, strong, smooth in difficult lines, fast and powerfull!

Your biggest breakthrough in your skiing career. Winning the first FWT Contest!

Favorite place to ride: St. Anton am Arlberg, my hometown and I know so many great places there.

Best snow trip: I had many snow trips already but I never had great conditions! Hmmmm, I will keep on trying.

What age did you start to ski: 3 years

What cant you live without: My family

Favorite phone App. After 5 years on my outdoor phone I have to buy an Iphone tomorrow. Very sad day for me. Maybe there will be my first app on there!

Goals and plans: Skiing the FWT as good as I can. The goal is to reach the top 3 Overall! And I want to win the Verbier Xtreme. The plans are to film with my skiing buddy Björn Heregger as much as I can!

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