Nico Zacek
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Nico Zacek

One of Germany's No.1 athletes over the last years...

Nico Zacek has been a pro freeskier for more ten years. Over the last seasons, he has finished his diploma in sports management, as well as travelled the world skiing some of the best mountains in the world.  As one of Germany´s No.1 athletes over the last years, he is trying to influence the path of his still young sport by running the european freeski community, as well as once a year hosting one of the worlds biggest freeski events "Nine Knights" (


Random Facts

Pappa Bear
Jester, Duke EPF
Top results: 
1st Nine Knights Team Competition 2009
1st Nine Knights Quaterpipe 2008
Winner Best Ski Photo, Red Bull Tribal Quest 2008
1st Engadinsnow 2004/2007
1st Orage Masters, Slopestyle Mammoth,USA 2006
Innsbruck, Austria
Surfing, MTB,


Inner Interview


What Marker bindings do you use? And where do you mount them?
The Jester and The duke. I mount them 2-4cm behind the middle!

What DIN do you have your bindings on?
Ca 14.



Favorite skier: Jon Olsson

Height: 175cm

Ideal day in the mountains: The last day of Nine knights, when a perfect event is over and everybody is smiling and having fun!

How would you describe your style: Trying to not be to “old skool”J

Your biggest breakthrough in your skiing career. I was the only german so far ever to compete at X-Games in 2004!

Favorite place to ride: The Arlberg, Colorado

Best snow trip: This season to the dolomites. Overall to beautiful Norway, I guess!

What age did you start to ski: I started skiing at 3, Freeskiing at 19

What cant you live without: My girl, the sun and a surfboard!

Favorite phone App. None, yet!

Home mountain: The Arlberg

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