Oscar Scherlin
Slopestyle Team

This 20-year-old Swede has been making waves in the freestyle ski scene since he popped up at the Jon Olsson Invitational in 2004 aged just 13. He did not let the magnitude of the occasion over- awe him, and was more than capable of holding his own on the huge features, even against the seasoned pros, finishing that competition in ninth place. Oscar’s background is typical of most Swedish skiers. He was first on skis at the age of two and could practically slide down mountains before he could properly walk. His early ski career saw him race gates and he was sent to an alpine academy.

However pretty soon Oscar found himself drawn to freeskiing. These days he is based in A?re in winters where he trains with some of the best freestylers in the world. In summer Oscar is based in Stockholm, although he tries to get away for training as much as possible. When he’s not skiing he dabbles in a bit of tennis, but other than that he is either skiing or dreaming about it. Oscar’s biggest dream in skiing would be to win an X Games gold medal, and he is super motivated this year to earn his ticked to Aspen and Tignes with great early-season results.


Random Facts

Top results: 
1st red bull playstreets 2012
1st newschool picknik 2012
3rd Jon Olsson invitational 2012
2nd London freeze 2012
3rd European open 2012
9th JOI 2006
Åre, Sweden


Inner Interview


Where do you mount your bindings?
I mount them in the center of the ski

What DIN do you have your bindings on?
In the bottom



Favorite skier: Tj Schiller

Ski hero growing up: Jon Olsson and Tanner Hall

Home mountain: Åre, Sweden

Height: 179 cm

Ideal day in the mountains: Bluebird alot of new snow and a good group of friends

How would you describe your style:My own

Your biggest breakthrough in your skiing career. When I won two cars in three weeks, or 2? Can’t really remember.

Favorite place to ride: Breckenridge and Keystone in the US.

Best snow trip: Engelberg this winter

What age did you start to ski: when I was 1-2

What cant you live without: My computer

Favorite phone App. Whatsapp

Goals and plans: Too keep doing what I’m doing now for 10 more years and achive alot of podiums and other goals I have.