Paddy Graham
International Freeski - Film
[United Kingdom]
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Paddy Graham

The Englishman from the dryslopes.

Paddy learnt to ski on a dryslope in the UK. Some might think this is a disadvantage but he only sees it as a challenge.

Gracing podiums world wide since he started to ski at the age of 12, Paddy has had a lot of success on the competition circuit. Switching parks skills to the backcountry you can see an all rounded skier working hard to get out of the stereotypical English tourist!


Random Facts

Jester, Jester Pro
Top results: 
Best Trick Red Bull Line Catcher ‘10
1st Battle of Britian ‘09 ‘10
7th London Freeze ‘10
2nd London Ride ‘10
2nd European Open Qualifier ‘08
1st Red Bull Tribal Quest ‘08
3rd JibVid ‘10
United Kingdom
Sheffield, UK/ Laax, Swiss
Legs of Steel
You only live once…


Inner Interview


What Marker bindings do you use? And where do you mount them?
I use the Jester 16 binding and the Jester 18 pro, I mount all my skis a few inches back from true centre.

What DIN do you have your bindings on?



Favorite skier: Candide.

Ski hero growing up: Tanner Hall

Home mountain: Tirol Height: 186cm

Ideal day in the mountains: BC, lots of snow with my friends, just skiing no stopping for film or photos.

How would you describe your style: From a dryslope?

Your biggest breakthrough in your skiing career. Learning the newest tricks is always nice and it gets recognized, on the other hand to win a comp with those tricks is completely different… So I’d have to say BC skiing is my break through and you can see that in the new LOS movie ‘Nothing Else Matters’

Favorite place to ride: British Columbia

Best snow trip: Monashee Snow Cat skiing

What age did you start to ski: 12

What cant you live without: Red Bull

Favorite phone App. Text messaging

Goals and plans: Olympics, powder, LOS movie

Favorite Products