Andy Mahre
International Freeski - Film
[United States]
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Andy Mahre

I grew up skiing White Pass over twenty years ago, and can still be found exploring its surrounding slopes.  I really enjoy skiing, and spend as much time doing it as possible.  But skiing isn’t all that is important.  I like to do a lot of other activities, especially with my family and friends.  They are the ones that have been there from the beginning, and will be there until the end.  I cannot thank them enough, so I will share smiles and great memories with them until that end comes.


Random Facts

Jester Pro, Duke EPF
Top results: 
3rd Place K2 Backnine Invitational
United States
Naches, WA
Ski, Moto, Mt. Bike, Water sports, building things
There is not enough time to sit around all the time.


Inner Interview


What Marker bindings do you use?
Jester Pro and Duke

Why do you like this binding?
The Jester Pro has an 18 DIN and a sweet reinforced toe, which is also a great boot scraper.  The Duke is a solid touring binding that can withstand high speeds and high impacts.

Where do you mount them?
I mount all my skis 1/2cm back from center.

What DIN do you have your bindings on?
My bindings range from 12-14.



Height: about 5’ 10”

Favorite skiers: My family.

Ski hero growing up: My family.

Ideal day in the mountains: A lot of powder and friends.  Sun is nice, but not really a necessity.

How would you describe your style:  Fast and fun.

Your biggest breakthrough in your skiing career.  Doing a switch straight air over Pyramid Gap.  That whole trip solidified my career.

Favorite place to ride:  The Pacific Northwest all around, but I like to ride wherever I happen to be at the time.

Best snow trip:  It’s too hard to narrow down to just one.  I have had some amazing trips with K2, Sessions, Electric, Nimbus, PBP, MSP, and Warren Miller. 

What age did you start to ski:  I believe I was 2 years old.

Home mountain:   White Pass, WA

What cant you live without:  my family and friends.

Favorite phone App.  It makes calls and texts.

Goals and plans:  Live a good fun life and ski for as long as I can.

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