Ahmet Dadali
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[United States]
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Ahmet Dadali

New York is not the most obvious place to begin a freeskiing career, however 22-year-old Ahmet Dadali is not the kind of person who let’s a small thing like Geography get in his way.

In his youth he spent most time on skis jibbing whatever he and his friends would find an interesting obstacles in the suburban environment of his neighbourhood. Accordingly, up until last year Ahmet was known for his incredible rail skills, and it would have been easy to assume from his background that this was his only speciality, but last season Ahmet took his riding to another level, heading into the backcountry for Level 1’s latest movie, “Eye Trip”. Ahmet’s had the honour of opening the movie and was rewarded at the IF3 Film Festival in Montreal with the “Best Male Performance” award for a segment that showed his skiing abilities stretch far beyond the streets of NYC. Nowadays Ahmet resides in Summit County, Colorado, but is often on the road working on his video segments especially with the Level 1 crew. This season he is looking to put together an even more eye popping segment, and now that he has a sled to take him into the backcountry we are looking forward to seeing the results!

Random Facts

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Best male performance of the year- IF3
United States
Canandaigua NY
Mountain Biking, Surfing, Fishing, anything outside under the sun.
There's too much fun in life not to take part it in


Inner Interview


What Marker bindings do you use? And where do you mount them?

I use the Jesters, illest bindings, especially the new kickbar get all that hard snow off them boots. I use them for powder and park. Walls and chopsticks I like to centermount those babies. Any other pow ski, go 2 back.

What DIN do you have your bindings on?

13, they dont really need to be but its a luck thing. They hold you in until its really time to come out.


Favorite skier: B dog

Ski hero growing up: Dave Crichton

Home mountain: Gonna be somewhere in Utah this year, pretty much everywhere that has snow

Height: 5'8

Ideal day in the mountains: Couple buddies up in some mountains, no resort around just skiing whats out there.

How would you describe your style: My own, I like to think it reflects who I am, just goin with the flow with it

Your biggest breakthrough in your skiing career. I'd say last year was the best one ive ever had with my segment with level 1

Favorite place to ride: Brighton, Utah

Best snow trip: Heli skiing In BC with Underarmour all over some crazy mountains

What age did you start to ski: 8 or 9 year old tot

What cant you live without: Skiing of course, just fun stuff to do along with it. Take the fun outta life then theres not much worth living for.

Favorite phone App. Tiny wings. Catching trannys all day

Goals and plans: Hopefully launch off a real cool Webisode thing next year, got some good ideas but still down low

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